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Car or auto insurance is essential for any vehicle on the road. You never know when an accident will happen but having the right car insurance will ease your worries when you get behind the wheel. Strategy First LLC has been helping the car, truck, van and SUV owners of the East coast area choose the right coverage for their need for many years.

Car insurance for your needs

Strategy First LLC offers a number of different types of insurance for your vehicle. There are comprehensive packages which can be tailored to your specific situation depending on the level of coverage you desire.

Here is a brief overview of some of the coverage options Strategy First LLC provides the motorists of the East coast area.

Liability Insurance: If you get into an accident with another insured car as a result of your actions then this is the insurance you need. The insurance covers the cost you would pay for property damage and medical expenses if you injure the other party.

Collision coverage: Where liability insurance covers payments to the other party, collision coverage is for your vehicle. In the event the collision has rendered your car damaged beyond repair then the coverage reimburses the value of your vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage: This is for when your car is damaged outside of a collision. Theft, weather damage, fire – acts of God or acts of vandalism this is the insurance that covers it.

Roadside Assistance: Most of our plans provide towing, flat-tire changing, lost-key replacement, help with vehicles that are stuck, and delivery of fuel or coolant… and help in locating hotels or alternative transportation when your car is disabled, specific to the latter, ask about our Rental Car options.

Personal Injury Protection: If you or a passenger are injured in an accident this will cover your medical expenses.

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Protection: Though all motorists are legally obligated to insure their vehicles not every vehicle on the road is insured. If you get into an accident with an uninsured car or a car that is not insured enough to cover the accident then this protection makes sure that you are financially secure.

If you have any questions about our coverage offers then please feel free to contact us at (202) 643-6323

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