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Located in Capitol Hill serving Washington DC areas and beyond

Washington DC and beyond International Consulting Offerings

Our areas of Domestic and International Consulting Offerings cover communication, outreach, commercial, economic and policy consultancy, providing services to entrepreneurs, private sector and sovereign government clients. In this regard, Strategy First LLC assists clients to strategize first, identify and develop specific tactics and implement action plans to deliver strategic outcomes. Areas of expertise including but not limited to HealthCare access, HealthCare Marketplace set up, Inclusive Community resilience strategies, Public Engagement, Capacity building in Insurance and Financial Services.

With a diverse portfolio of seasoned business partners, ourĀ focus is on cost-effective policy formulation, design and delivery. Increased international interests and global connectivity makes foreign policy, financial, economic, regulatory, and diplomatic issues, key parameters of our Agenda.


: Strategy First LLC thrives in assisting such clients to::

  • Understand, anticipate, and limit risks from multilevel platforms
  • Adopt internal/external communication plans as integral part of their business plans
  • Formulate project strategy concepts in multicultural environments
  • Layout International business contracting models with sovereign governments: including but not limited to Public Private Partnerships -PPP-
  • Design, simulate and modulate market entry and expansion strategies under Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) standards
  • Rapidly identify emerging business opportunities and threats
  • Develop and execute implementation strategies
  • Business early warning modalities in adverse international environments in connection with corporate security

Our firm advocates for clients before Government agencies and third party financial institutions. It assists credible clients run sound partnership agreements and establish vetted relationships critical to overall business success, rendering similar risk mitigation strategies in basic business models.

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